Monday, June 13, 2011

Disciplettes 4:4-7

"4. And the Lord Jesus spake to His eight heavenly Disciplettes a few words of caution. First of all things, that the genitals of His women were distinctly different from His men, though the both of great import were. 5. He did present then evidence for instructional purposes, and It was good. 6. Other men, slobs He did say, were surely to understandeth naught of these differences. 'Twere simply insecurities based in fear and misunderstanding; words of fools really. That His Disciplettes and all women shalt not recoil nor knoweth shame shouldst they hear these words of men. 7. Men who wouldst calleth them 'lady bits', 'baby makers', 'vajayjays', 'coochies', 'snatches', and other nonsense, were beneath their attention. So sayeth the Lord." -Disciplettes 4:4-7

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