Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Segagenesis 2:2-7

"2. And on the seventh day, God did review his handywork and sayeth a good job was done. So then He did rest a while. 3. This nap, however, did last over sixty-five million years, though 'twas not but to be a power nap, so sayeth the Lord. Anyhow, during His slumber a foreign object did smite His creation and smite it hard. 5. And on the eighth day, God did go backwards in time and change a few details. His reason, He did spake, was quite simple. 6. It did matter not how many days He did use, for soon man would claim that seven days did a week maketh; and some months did have thirty or thirty-and-one days for not a reason at all. He did say man would inventeth a year of leaping, 'twas to laugh! 7. This lack of good judgment did make God's head hurt, so He did go rest once more. And it was good."

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