Saturday, July 16, 2011

Misogynists 21:1-3

"1. After His divine stork did deliver the newborn babes to the little village of Bethlehem, the heavenly voice of the Lord did call from above. 'Mine flock, may thine new progeny grow in glory to love and serve Me. 2. Now, for the naming of the males, useth profound words such as 'mighty' (David), 'successful' (Felix), 'flourishing' (Omar), 'crown' (Stephen), or 'strong man' (Gabriel). 3. And for the unclean females, simply useth common or unflattering words such as 'plain' (Sharon), 'garden' (Carmel), 'weary' (Leah), 'fig' (Beth), or 'gaping' (Rahab). These names will be best, so sayeth Me.'" -Misogynists 21:1-3

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