Monday, July 11, 2011

Thesauronians 1:16-18

"16. The Lord Jesus asked of His followers what it means to 'shout'. When they demonstrated to Him in loud, vulgar noises, He became dismayed. 17. 'Aye, a shout doth call for volume. Behold! I educate thee now, that the holy meaning of a shout is to feel Mine presence in thine soul, that maketh thee cry out in awe.' 18. One of His followers, Lugubrious of the village of Shlemiel, did become very confused. For all that Lugubrious could feel was indigestion from some bad gefilte fish earlier. Was this feeling really the presence of the Lord within him? Verily! He doth work in mysterious ways!" -Thesauronians 1:16-18

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