Sunday, May 8, 2011

Deliverance 2:31-35

"31. Thus Adam and Eve were fruitful and became many, as was commanded of them by the Lord. 32. And after many a year, the Lord did look down upon the progeny. And He did recoil in disgust, for that fruit was born of inbreeding and the land had become blighted with the abominations, who did delight in the hoedowns and the mullets and the moonshine and the queer-beatings. 33. And it did then occur to the Lord that He did command one man and one woman to become many, and mayhaps He should have foreseen this unsightly consequence. 34. Upon beholding their vacant stares, their lack of teeth, and their small, swine-like eyes, the Lord was moved with pity. 35. In His mercy, He saw fit to bestow upon them the banjo and the pick-up truck and the bib-overalls and the farmer's tan and Dale Earnhardt – and the people were glad and there was much rejoicing and yee-hawing." -Deliverance 2:31-35.

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