Monday, May 9, 2011

Snuffaluffagus 11:5-7

"5. Upon the moving of the bowels and the making of the excrement, should an unholy reek occureth, it is considered Godly to flusheth with much haste, even beforest thou commence with the wiping. Let this be known as the Ritual of the Courtesy Flush. 6. And, upon the flushing of the excrement, should small crumblets of thine sinful and unclean waste linger, ye must performeth yet another Ritual of the Courtesy Flush. 7. If thou should fail in thine Courtesies, know that ye shall be forever marked as One Who Cavorteth With Swine, those of the Most Unclean Order." -Snuffaluffagus 11:5-7.

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