Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Designs of Intelligence 7:2-5

"2. And upon the third day, God caused the earth to shoot forth grass, and vegetation, and trees, and all plant life – including the cannabis plant and the coca plant and the peyote cactus. The Lord did sample these creations and saw that they were good. And they were. 3. After the sampling of these sacred plants, the Lord was exuberantly inspired. 4. He then decided to placeth the man-testicles, those sinful parts of a most sensitive and accident-prone nature, upon the outside of the man's body, hanging just so, like over-ripe figs, with no shield or protection. 5. And then the Lord went on to deviseth the birthing canal of the sinful woman, the width of which would be akin to the carrot, and the newborn babe, whom she would have to squeezeth down the carrot shoot, would be akin to the size of the watermelon." -Designs of Intelligence 7:2-5.

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