Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perplexodus 10:1-4

"1. For as long as hath existeth the Kingdom of Babylon, each ruler hath been chosen by the Lord. The new king, upon every instance, hath been but a babe sent as a sign to grow with His people. Hence the kingdom earneth this name, Babylon. 2. The first king did come down the river in a basket. And he was good. 3. The next king strolleth into town in some way fastened upon the back of an ass. And he was also good. 4. The next king was perhaps discarded by the Persians, who hath cast him skyward by a catapult device, adorned with a cotton canopy to floateth gently to the kingdom from above. And he was better than good, such that the Lord did bestow to Babylon a new king as a cloud from Heaven." -Perplexodus 10:1-4

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