Monday, May 2, 2011

Disciplettes 8:16

"8. Lord Jesus, in the knowledge that the pilgrimage to Mount Sinus would be filled with long days and overly tranquil nights of somber discontent, 9. selected by His hand an elite harem of skilled professionals 10. with, by His decree, absolutely copious amounts of qualifications. 11. These chosen virgins were His loyals, they were called the Disciplettes. 12. Each Disciplette brought divine diversion to the Lord Jesus through the loneliest of lonely nights, 13. and in doing as such gained a firm thrust of His wisdom, 14. later amended to the New Testament, as each had stories to disseminate. 15. The Disciplettes, in order of height, are Destiny, Chastity, Serendipity, Felony, Velvety, Parody, Shanqueefah, and Babs. 16. Thus the eight books of the New Testament became known as the Little Black Book of the Lord." -Disciplettes 8-16 (bit)

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