Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Designs of Intelligence 13:2-4

"2. Then God did spake to His flock, and He prattleth on and on about all sorts of minutiae of life and its miracles. He then did pause so some could completeth the manuscripts of His words that were to becometh this very good Book. 3. Finally, He spake one more thing: 'My little lambs, one day ye will cometh to know more complex details not in that Book - things like genetic coding, and cancer, and theories of string and of big bangs, and webs that are worldwide. 4. Ye will thinketh ye hath made them thyself, though 'twas Me who did as such, only for ye to findeth much later. Remember always, Mine flock, the world revolveth round ye, naturally, for 'tis My grandest design.' And the people did rejoice." -Designs of Intelligence 13:2-4

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