Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Hit Wonders 27:7-12

"7. Thou hast placed the boom-boom within mine heart. Ye cast mine soul to Heaven's height when thine loving begins. 8. Bugs of Jitter enter my mind – they maketh a bang-bang-bang until mine feet are forced to follow. 9. Yet there is something amiss! Mine bosom companion did inform me of thine actions upon this past night. 10. Ye abandoned me whilest in mine bed. I was within a dream, but lo! I should have been in companionship with thine self in the stead of this dream! 

11. Awaken me afore thy go-go. Do not leaveth me hanging on in the manner of a yo-yo. Awaken me afore thy go-go. I do not desire to loose sight of thine hitting that Heaven-high! 12. Awaken me afore thy go-go, for I deviseth no plans on going solo. Awaken me afore thy go-go. Taketh me dancing upon this night, I desire to hit that Heaven-high! Yea! Yea!" -One Hit Wonders 27:7-12.

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