Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nutrisystemicon 4:1-2

"1. Then the Lord did spake to the people, 'tis an abomination for His flock to eateth His other flock. This art true of all the birds of prey. Thou must not eateth predatory birds, which includeth, but art not limited to, the eagle, the vulture, the falcon, the raven, the sea gull, the hawk, the owl, the cormorant,  the stork, the heron, the phoenix, the dodo, the big bird, the mothra, and probably some more. 2. Kings of the sky, these birds doth fly so mighty, and if thou hunteth them, they will combineth to form the divine Raptorbot, angel of vengeance. So shalt be done!" -Nutrisystemicon 4:1-2

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