Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snuffaluffagus 3:1-3

"1. The Lord did spake, though the body of man is perfect and with miraculous faculties, the mind of man knoweth not to misuse these faculties. For though man hath hands to maketh the fists, he must not hitteth other man. 2. Likewise man must not breaketh the wind by no means! 'Tis but one instance alone to doth so - when man can privately confesseth his sins to the holy porcelain bowl. 3. A good man wouldst never committeth these other sins publicly, 'tis also true of his wind. An abomination, indeed. So, pincheth thine cheeks and holdeth it in! So sayeth the Lord." Snuffaluffagus 3:1-3

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