Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Hit Wonders 9:8-11

"8. And the Lord went on to say to Moses: 'This is what you are to say to the sons of Israel – leap up for joy and move thine self all around. Shake thine head to the sound, place thine sinful hands upon the ground. Taketh a step to thine left, a step to thine right, a step in front of thee, and another to thine side. 9. Rejoice! And strike thine hands together once, and again, twice. And if it appears thusly, my sons of Israel, thou art performing correctly. A Mambo of the fifth number! 10. A small amount of Monica within Mine life; a small amount of Erica upon Mine right side; a small amount of Rita is all that I, in My wisdom, require; a small amount of Tina is all that is made clear unto Me; a small amount of Sandra, made bright in the sun of Heaven; a small amount of Mary, Mother of Jesus, throughout the long dark of night; a small amount of Jessica, lo! I have come unto thee! 11. A small amount of Mine own self makes Me a God of thee!'” -One Hit Wonders 9:8-11.

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  1. Amazing! Thou hast absolutely outdone thyself! Hallelujah! :)