Friday, June 3, 2011

Venerius-Diseasus 6:12-14

"12. Whilst His only son did maketh a pilgrimage to the desert to purge all earthly desires, a letter did arrive, seemingly from none such place, to the village. 13. This letter simply stateth the following: Know ye that when-so-ever one doth manipulate thine self for thine own pleasure, a baby animal of some place shalt die. Be that ye manipulate in pleasure with thine right hand, it shall be the death of a kitten. Be that with thine left, it shall be of a lamb. 'Tis only the cutest to behold too, that is for sure. 14. Remember this, the plight of the most divine fauna shalt be thine fault, shouldst ye take thine sinful hands and rub one out. Sincerely, God."

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