Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Disciplettes 21:1-4

"1. Two of Lord Jesus' younger Disciplettes, Velvety and Shanqueefah, did lament to Him that they hath met a wizened old crone spitting lies unto them. The crone hath said that beans were indeed a magical fruit if ever there was one. 2. The Lord did then bring the Disciplettes lovingly to His bosom, and consoled them with His benediction. 3. 'Nay, though they are not some magical fruit. Verily! I say in the stead of this, that the more ye doth eat, the more ye doth toot. So forth, the more ye doth toot, the better ye shalt feel. Pray that ye doth eat beans then with every meal!' 4. The Disciplettes did smile at this bean mantra, and it was good." Disciplettes 21:1-4

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