Thursday, July 14, 2011

Segagenesis 26:1-4

"1. As Noah did finish with the gathering of the pairs of lovely animals into the ark, including poisonous toads, microbes, woolly mammoths and deadly cobras, the Lord appeareth on the deck before him. 2. Noah learned that he must also transporteth these things called 'dinosaur bones', which the Lord did place in steerage below. Confused he was, knowing not what a dinosaur doth mean. 3. Then the Lord spake: 'A dinosaur is not a thing that Mine hands hath ever made. But when the floods at last subside, ye must bury these bones deep in Mine earth. Thine ancestors will some day findeth these bones and marvel at them. And they will knoweth that man shalt never try to grow big and powerful like Me, for that path bringeth only doom. These bones art both Mine teaching and warning.' 4. Noah did nod in understanding, and it was good." -Segagenesis 26:1-4

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