Friday, July 1, 2011

Televangelists 22:6-10

"6. At the closing of the Last Supper, the disciples did beseech Jesus, lamenting: 'Oh Lord! Who shall lead us in thine stead, when thou leavest this mortal life?' 7. And Jesus did smile and was moved to comfort his apostles. 8. He spake: 'I shall leaveth the charge in the hands of Charles. Charles, the new apostle in our midst, who liveth down the stairs, and it is known: his only task is to taketh care and watch over thee, as though he is of thine own family. 9. Yea, Charles! In charge of thine days and thine nights! Lo, Charles! In charge of thine wrongs and thine rights.' 10. And the apostles did rejoice as one, crying: 'Verily! I sing, I desire – I desire Charles in charge of me!'" -Televangelists 22:6-10.

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