Friday, July 22, 2011

Televangelists 6:1-3

"1. Hark! Here is the chronicle of a comely she-mother, who was rearing three very comely, and therefore sinful, girls. They had hair of finest gold, the ilk of their mother's, the youngest draped in curls. 2. And here is the chronicle of a Godly man whose name was called Brady. He was occupied with three male spawn, the fruit of his own loins. They were four men in all, dwelling together, and yet their loneliness did persist. 3. And it did happen that, upon a day, this she-mother met this Godly man. And they were inspired by God, to know that this fateful meeting was beyond a hunch. That this small flock would join and create a God-fearing family: It was in this manner that the small flock became the Brady Bunch. Lo! That was the manner in which they became the Brady Bunch!" -Televangelists 6:1-3

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